PATENT PENDING  The Original ANDY G Chipping & Putting Line is a great way to develop and improve your chipping skills and save strokes on the green. Not to mention the comments about your chipping abilities :) The chipping line is made from 100 % polyester webbing and is water proof, mold resistant and UV  protected. The chipping line is 1.5 inches wide and 30 yards long, with 6 colors - each representing 5 yards. It can also be used for hitting shots from 30 to 60 yards and 60 to 90 yards by simply pulling the first stake and walking it out farther. 

The objective of the chipping line is to hit a variety of chip shots, on or near it to strengthen your distance control. It will  improve your rhythm, tempo and consistency. Once you use the line on a regular basis, you can start to see the colors in your minds eye when you're on the course and around the greens (well I do and hopefully you can to!).  The line can also be used for putting distance control. The line can be used on a driving range, putting green, backyard, city park, etc. It comes in a carry bag with a winding tool and two stakes. On a really windy day simply add more tees to the grommets at each color interval to keep it in place. The games and drills are endless for players of all abilities! Bring consistency to your game and save shots around the green with the Original ANDY G Chipping & Putting Line and develop your own MAD SKILLS!

*Comes in a Mini version! Check it out in the store now!


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Hello fellow hackers,  I am ANDY G. I started golfing at age 37. My friends who introduced me to the game told me I would never get better than a 12 handicap, because I started so late in life to get any good. Well, after golfing 250 plus rounds each year and winters at the driving range, I proved them all wrong and was a 0 handicap 4 years later!!! I shot even par when I was 13 handicap with 8 birdies (lol)  and shot a 65 bogey free round when I was a 9 handicap.  I only ever use a 56 degree wedge any where inside 100 yards for all my chip shots. 3 years ago I bought a 64 degree wedge and in the last 3 weeks of the season I chipped in on 14 holes of the 18 holes at my home course. I still chip in almost every round of golf I play... I got them MAD SKILL'S :) I made the chipping line 7 years ago one winter and started using it the next season. After using the line so much I can now see the colors in my minds eye when I am chipping towards the green. Developing a good repeatable golf swing is the key to playing well.  When you use the chipping line you can develop great tempo and rhythm. You can see exactly how far you hit your chip shot each time. No more guessing how far it lands, how far it rolls out or stops.  Start chipping today with the Andy G chipping line and develop your own MAD SKILLS