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The MINI ANDY G. Chipping & Putting Line
  • The MINI ANDY G. Chipping & Putting Line

    SKU: 0003

    PATENT PENDING Exact same as the Original ANDY G. Chipping & Putting Line, just a smaller version! It is 30 feet long, with 6 colours - each representing 5 feet.The Swiss Army Knif Of golf Training Aids Tons of Putting ans Chipping drills with just one line. Why practice blind when you can know the exact distance your putting and chipping from ?  It can also be used for hitting shots from 30 to 60 feet and 60 to 90 feet by simply pulling the first stake and walking it out farther. The objective is to hit a variety of shots on or near the line, and develop your distance control. It will improve your rhythm, tempo and consistency. The line can be used on a driving range, putting green, backyard, city park, etc. With The MINI ANDY G. Chipping & Putting Line, develop your own MAD SKILLS! Can also provide Custom designs for corporate logos ,schools logos ,tournaments and events etc min order 100 lines. available in the 30 yard and 30 feet lines .  Call 403 393 3538 or email for muliply or pricing


      • 100% Polyester webbing
      • Water proof 
      • Mold Resistant
      • UV protected.

      1 inches wide and is 30 feet long.


    Option 1: Green
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